Modern, compact and rugged.

Minimal maintenance of machine assemblies, independent handling without total disassembly.

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With powerful performance and innovative designs that achieve minimum wear and tear of elements.

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Development according to the latest catch control technologies. Design adjusted to the customer's requirements.

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our history

Julio & Luis Carral, two brothers united by shipbuilding

Founded in


The brothers Julio and Luis Carral Conchado embarked on a new professional career where they developed their most innovative projects and ideas, the result of their extensive experience of more than 40 years in the deck machinery sector.

Today, CARRAL has more than 4000 units installed all over the world on different types of vessels and with a wide variety of applications. 

products and services

Avant-garde, design and productivity

J&L CARRAL is an avant-garde company that stands out in the market for the design, conception and productivity of its fishing equipment and deck machinery in general.

work performed

Installed and custom-designed for our customers